jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Creptio,the beginning!

Hey fellow readers,I´ve been wanting to make a blog in a LONG LONG time and i finally got to it.Im going to introduce myself,my characters and everything im planning on writting about!

This is going to be a blog of what i do on WoW,not only on creptio.
Right,firstly im a student in spain,although I am half german half french.I have been playing wow for good one and a half years now,my friends introduced it to me, at first i didn´t find it that good but with the time passing i started liking it alot. My first character ever was a rogue named laurentorz, it took me 2 months and abit to get him to level 55 then i instantly made a death knight(back then they fascinated me alot!). I leveled my death knight to level 80 and whilst my brother seemed to get ineterested in WoW. So i offered him to invite him and we level some characters together, so we did. I leveled a priest which i loved from the first moment on and he leveled a warlock.

Time went past and we finally got level 60! I carried on leveling my priest and my brother made a death knight. It took me quite a while to get 80 on my priest because I had joined an active raiding guild and we were busy clearing ulduar. When we finally finished with ulduar they implemented XP from battlegrounds!I leveled my priest from 74 to 80 in a weekend,this was late 2009. When i got 80 i started doing arenas casually with a guild mate.We got to about 1700 rating when he stopped playing and gave his account to his brother because his girlfriend was expecting a baby.

Then i transferred to stormscale,the best pvp/arena server back then. I quickly found a 3v3 team in which we got about 1900 rating. Then i got bored of discipline and started playing shadow,which i really enjoyed.I found a team and we played up to about 1950. Then RL mates wanted me to transfer to their realm,which is a spanish realm(Los Errantes). Meanwhile i had leveled a troll mage on stormscale.

I finally transfered to Los errantes with my priest, ¨Creptio¨. When i first got there i was shocked of the badness of the server. But it turned out to be a really friendly community and i soon found a raiding guild that raided at nice times. We cleared lich king 10 man pretty fast. Meenwhile i found some good pvpers(the best of the server)to do some arena.We got to the highest 5v5 rating on the server with just over 2000. And we got about the same rating in 3v3.

Now that cataclysm came me and my friends decided to make our own guild,the biggest.
We made it, but then i made a drastical change. I transfered my priest to nagrand and my mage to los errantes. My priest is still named creptio and my mage is called tucco.

On los errantes at the moment we are at 890 members, we had 1000 members 2 days ago but we kicked all inactive ones. We are so far the biggest guild on the server with almost level 12 guild level.